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June 2017 LSC Newsletter

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The Luke Spouses’ Club has had a fantastic 2016-2017 year–thank you for being a part of it! We will continue some of our special activities through the summer (click the calendar link above). Socials will start up again in August. The Luke AFB Thrift Shop will remain open this summer, so stop by to say hello!



If you are interested in becoming a member, bring the membership application form, along with your dues, to any LSC function: LSC Membership Application

Yearly Dues:

$36.00 E4 and below

$48.00 E5 and above

*Socials and other special activities may require additional fees

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email Chris Wendall at lukescpresident@gmail.com.


The Luke AFB Thrift Shop


Open All Summer!


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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

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