Board of Governors


2016/2017 Board of Governors

President – Chris Wendall

First Vice President – Lauren Pierce

Second Vice President – Jamie Lang

Secretary – Amy Mayer

Admin Treasurer – Danielle Price

Welfare Treasurer – Emily Hayes

Parliamentarian – Barb Meyer

Membership – Kari Beck

Childcare – Kari Beck

Historian – Marisol Escobar

Reservations – Tracey Canny

Special Activities – Brittney Hatton

Programs – Jenn Kirsch

Retired Spouses – Barb Meyer

Publicity – Shaterika Nauman

Newsletter – Sarah Riggs

Website – Amy Sorvillo

Scholarships – Sue McGraw

Charitable – Jamie Lang

Thrift Shop – Pudge Hoskins

Please contact any of the Board members if you are interested in joining the LSC Board of Governors!

All of the positions and their responsibilities are outlined in detail in our LSC Handbook which can viewed by clicking here